Our Magazine Booklet

Our magazine booklet which will be a mixture of glossy color and black & white pages will include a special message from our president, along with articles and a full array of our sponsors. It’s a perfect medium for businesses to advertise in order to gain a larger audience to their particular product or service. In addition, the magazine booklet will be distributed at our grand Divali Nagar celebrations to each and every patron.

The breakdown of costs involved in placing an advertisement in our magazine are as follows:

Full Page – Color $150
Half Page – Color $100

Full Page – Black & White $125
Half Page – Black & White $75

Full Page – Inside Back Cover $350
Half Page – Inside Back Cover $250

Business Card – Color $50
Business Card – Black & White $35

Advertise Your Business

Divali Nagar Inc offers some of the most competitive pricing on the web with excellent customer service and quality designs that generate high click-through’s on the banners we design. Our banners are priced based on size. Take a look at our price list based on type of banners and sizes below. These prices are for placement on our website. Please note, that design fees are additional and also listed below.

Website Marketing Placement
125×125 banner – $75 per quarter (3 month placement)
940×240 web slide – $150 per quarter (3 month placement)

Banner Design Fees
320×90 banner – $10
125×125 banner – $10
620×90 banner – $20
160×600 banner – $35
940×240 banner – $50

Email Marketing Placement
Divali Nagar Inc also offers new and existing clients the ability to place a banner advertisement of any of our divali nagar email announcements to our list of subscribers.

For placement on our email blasts. Please refer to our design fees above if you would like our professional designer to create artwork – $75 per quarter for banner placement

160×600 banner
620×60 banner
320×90 banner

Other services include sending a dedicated email blast either designed by our in-house professional designer BSP Designs, LLC or artwork sent to us by the client to our email subscriber base at dimensions we specify and also broadcasted on our social media pages.

Dimensions for email blasts: Width (650px) Height: Variable

Dedicated Email Blast – $500 per campaign

Professional Email Design (Optional Service Offering – Per Custom Design)
Design: $399
Code Markup: $99
Design + Code Markup – $448 (Includes 10% Discount)

Website Marketing – Landing Pages
At Divali Nagar Inc, we would like to help all our sponsors, vendors & clients grow their business and be recognized within the community. As part of our “Other Services” section, we also offer our clients the ability to showcase their brand as a full scale landing page right on our website.

If you elect to have our professional designer BSP Designs, LLC create your page, our contact Mr. Bryan Persad will gladly work with you to capture the look and feel that your company represents.

Landing Page Design Fees– $499 (Optional Service)

If your company is creating the landing page, you will only need to contact our design company for dimensions for the landing page. When looking at our website, a typical landing page will take the full width of our website without the right hand navigation. It will include all our branding and top navigational links along with the footer elements.

Landing Page Placement– $650 per 6 months


**Disclaimer: Placement fees goes directly to Divali Nagar Inc. When customers make a payment for placement of their advertisement on Divali Nagar website, email blasts or magazine booklet, all fees goes to Divali Nagar Inc. However, if your business needs artwork created for placement in any promotion vehicles. All design fees are made payable to BSP Designs, LLC. These additional fees are NOT associated to Divali Nagar Inc.  Design fees are payments for rendered services from our design company. Design company owner “Mr. Bryan Persad” will contact you directly.  We’ve made the process easy. You can purchase design services directly from our website via Paypal.  Please note, these funds are directly sent to the design company.  You must still submit payment for placement in the marketing vehicle of choice in order to be displayed.**

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